Why Dare Digital?

Our core business is to boost your data to support your business strategy whether it’s optimizing sourcing by analyzing your supply chain or increasing customer satisfaction by auditing their purchase behavior.
With 15 years of experience, we customize every tool and method to your business model and industry specifics.
At the start of a project, the focus will be on what matters for your business. We identify your goals and objectives to efficiently analyze your data and extract valuable insights to grow your business.
Our goal is to give you the tools to embrace today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Dare Digital Services



Identify your key goals and objectives

Determine the essential data to be analyzed

Set up the project plan

Data reconciliation


Aggregate your data for a better visualization

Clean your data to have a single version of the truth

Find connections within your data for deeper insights

Data analysis


Pinpoint patterns in your data

Extract key info to make decision

Automate reports and dashboards

Strategy plan


Reconnect with your customers by sending the right data

Streamline your business processes based on data analysis

Be ahead of competitors by predicting future trends

How Dare Digital can help you
and your business

What we bring
  • Clean your customer data (remove duplicates, format dates, etc.)
  • Organize your supply chain data (product list, country of origin, up-to-date certifications, etc.)
  • Harmonize your production data (batch lot numbers, production time in minutes, etc.)
  • Set up and switch marketing software, production platform, etc.
  • Go from paper to a digital solution
  • Map and visualize your supply chain
  • Correlate your data (product defects with maintenance work, sales with website traffic, etc.)
  • Identify where and when your sales happen
  • Collect customer data (location, purchase, demographic, etc.)
  • Analyze your website traffic to increase your sales
  • Send automatic reminder to receive the latest supplier certifications
  • Reduce frustration by reducing data loss
  • Increase collaboration between departments by using a data storage system
  • Enhance work from home by having all info available anywhere and at anytime
  • Create an efficient data storage system
  • Maintain a single version of the truth for all documents 
  • Share data with 3rd party easily via a cloud system
  • Correlate data between departments to encounter the next best decisions (e.g. production data with sustainability initiatives, customer data with R&D project, etc.)
  • Create a data governance system to save time collecting data
  • Find out the next trends based on your customers purchases
  • Develop new products based on customers feedbacks
  • Adjust current products based on market trends
  • Select and set up the right CRM system, supply chain solution, social media platform, etc.
  • Synchronize your email system with your CRM
  • Review your systems to eliminate duplicate or unused systems

Our clients

Main Benefits


Make faster decisions, get better insights and increase speed to market to support your company's growth
Focus on customer's needs to strengthen relationship
Work with accurate data to predict future trends


Spend less time looking for data and more time focusing on your data insights
Increase time to market to get ahead of the competition

Project management​

Take the right actions and make the right decisions with data analysis at your fingertip
Improve internal collaboration to speed processes and project completion

What you get from the project

Project management

Get the project plan, timeframe and expectations at the start of the project

Data files

The files will be send in a format that is best for you along with a data quality policy document to maintain accurate data in the long term

Data analysis / BI

Receive the raw analysis along with a strategy plan highlighting the main outputs and insights


We provide all training needed by your team to ensure continuity and progress on your data journey


Based on our expertise and your goals, let's talk about future actions and recommendations to reach your ultimate goals

Extra benefits

Marketing, user flow, business development, field processes, QA, etc. are just a few of other areas we would be happy to help you with

Why create Dare Digital

Data: a complex world

"I have so much data and I don't know what to do with it" - Sounds familiar? We heard it so often that we decided to offer services customized to your business and goals to help you navigate the data world.

Cross-functional experiences

Different industries, same challenges. Data quality, data sharing, process speed, accurate reports, among others, are necessary to predict future trends and reinforce your competitive advantages.

Collaboration is key

The main issue identified while working at different companies was collaboration, whether it is internal or external collaboration. Tools exist today to manage data, store files, organize contact emails, access the latest dashboards, and much more.

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Dare Digital

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